Worst Things To Put Down In A Garbage Disposal

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A garbage disposal can be your kitchen’s best friend. However, when improperly used and without maintenance, it can be a lot more trouble than convenient. Most of the time, people don’t realize that the things they put at their disposal can cause more serious and long-term damage that will cost a lot to fix in the long run. 

Here’s a look at things to avoid sending down the drain:

Fats & Grease

Fatty foods like butter, vegetable oil, and grease will stick to the pipes over time, creating backups and clogged pipes. It can also cause dullness to the blades of your disposal and make them less effective. 


Bones from meat like chicken, pork, or even shells from shellfish can break off and get caught in the blades of your disposal. It will be much better off throwing them in the trash can rather than dumping them down your disposal.


Starchy substances will stick and wrap around the blades and the pipes at your disposal and wear out the motor. Also, pasta can quickly cause backups.

Vegetable Peelings & Fruit Pits

Fruit pits and vegetable peelings can create a thick paste and will buildup on the disposal blades. It is better to place them in the trash can instead of sending them down the disposal.

Coffee Grounds

Please never drop coffee grounds down in your garbage disposal, as it acts equivalently to rice and pasta, blocking up both the blades and the pipes.


Rice is equivalent to pasta and will cause blockage when putting down the disposal.

Paper, Plastic, & Glass

Avoid putting down paper such as coffee filters or bits of packaging, plastic, and glass as it can cause a clog down your disposal and perform poorly.

Egg Shells

The pieces of the shell can stay and remain in the pipes and eventually cause a clog.

As much as possible, avoid putting your hands in the disposal! By avoiding the above things at your disposal will ensure it will have the long and useful life it needs and deserves. 

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