How To Have A Mold-Free Bathroom?

Toilet Without a Plunger

Although you are keeping your bathroom clean as much as possible, it still does not prevent mold from building up. Mold accumulates on high humidity, and since the bathroom is the most humid room in our house, it is no surprise they are a haven for mold growth!

Preventing mold growth is a challenging task but can be achieved. The shower, the sink, and the toilet cause humidity levels to rise, also the water soaked in mats, towels, and curtains. They are some of the factors driving the humidity in your bathroom to escalate and start mold growth. 

In this article, we at Velvet Plumbing provide useful tips to prevent mold growth in your bathroom, and these are the following:

Provide Proper Ventilation

The first thing you need to do in increasing the humidity in your bathroom and prevent mold growth is to use an effective fan for proper ventilation. The vent will pull the moisture from the bathroom and discharge it outside. Make sure that the fan is powerful enough for your bathroom.

Use A Squeegee

Specialized squeegees exist for shower cleaning, designed to be used on the shower walls and floors. It may doesn’t sound like the most fun task to do every day after your shower, but it can help reduce the moisture in your bathroom.

Fix Leaks Right Away

Aside from the moisture coming from your shower and sink, water can also gather from leaks from your plumbing systems, increasing the humidity of your bathroom. When something leaks, address the problem as soon as possible, even if it is a small drip. Even that small drip can cause an increase in humidity that makes it easy for mold to grow.

Keep Towels and Rugs Dry & Clean Possible 

Your bath rugs, mats, and towels are great places for mold growth, especially if they are not washed regularly. This is an easy task! Wash them at least once a week to keep them clean and mold-free!

Remove Bottles and Sponges From the Shower

It is best to remove everything from the shower once you are done, from bottles to sponges! Sounds strange right? The water can attach itself to the ceiling and walls and as it dries, it forms a spot underneath them, and mold can simply grow on them. Remove everything and keep it always dry!

It is always best to prevent any situations where mold can grow easily. To sum up, remove water and moisture from the air and keep everything clean in your bathroom. With checking and following the steps stated above, you can have a clean and mold-free bathroom in no time!

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