Plumbing Tips On How To Snake Own Drain

It’s a common condition we all go in sooner or later, a backed up toilet, sink, or shower that is unable to drain the water as it should. This is a normal phenomenon among many homeowners. The odds are, you have a range of both chemical materials and physical equipment in your home designed for the sole purpose, which is to remove a clog easily and effectively. The issue is which instrument is the most effective.

When Would You Need the Snake On Your Drain?

For when you face a plumbing emergency, learning how to snake your drain is critical. A drain snake (also referred to as a hand auger) is a mechanism used to clear out smaller drains such as bathroom or kitchen sinks that are clogged. You can use a larger bathroom auger for larger pipes, such as your toilet, to do the job.

Debris will quickly clog up the smaller drains in the drainpipe or the u-shaped trap under the sink, such as fruit, hair, or soap scum. Generally speaking, these clogs are small and can be overcome with a quick DIY snake drain fix. If the clog seems to be strong and the snake drain does not remove it, or if you find that the drain trap and pipes were clear amid a clogged drain, then you might have a serious problem that can only be addressed by a professional plumber.

Tips On How To Snake the Drain

Follow these tips on how to snake your drain and you’ll become a pro with a drain snake to fix your plumbing problems!

  • In the sink, remove all connectors or screens. 
  • Onto the wash, drive the end of the snake, and start cranking the handle clockwise. 
  • Until you feel resistance, keep moving the drain snake. 
  • Rotate the snake against the blockage.
  • Remove the snake from the drain.
  • Reassemble the drain’s parts and components. 
  • Check the drain for proper flow.

When the Best Time to Call A Professional Plumber For Your Drain Clogs? 

Did you follow any of those tips, and the drain is still clogged? You don’t need to be disappointed if none of these solutions appear to produce any good outcomes for you. It can be a complicated clog that can not be solved with a simple DIY. So, it’s time to contact a competent plumber to get your clogged drain back to running again properly! We at Velvet Plumbing are the perfect alternative when looking for that!

Whatever your plumbing issues are, no matter how complicated it is, we can help! We offer reliable and efficient plumbing services, such as sewer line repair, clogged toilet repair, water heater repair, faucet repair, and more! Hire our emergency plumbers today!

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