Water Heater Problems: Is It Time To Replace Your Water Heater?

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Water Heaters serve us in many ways, from cleaning, washing hands, bathing, and more. But unfortunately, fixtures like these can be prone to malfunction as well, which is why it is beneficial to consider some indicators that it’s time for a new replacement. Whether you have top of the line tankless or standard tank model water heaters, you will take into consideration replacing it sooner or later, especially if you own it long enough. If you wait for your water heater to break down, you could end up suffering from costly water damage throughout your home. The majority of water heaters last between 8 to 10 years, where ten years is the recommended time that you should look for a new replacement.

However, some water heater problems are good indicators that it’s time for a replacement and here are the followings below:

  • Age Of Water Heater- Like any plumbing fixtures, water heaters will likely develop issues after years of usage. As a result, knowing the age of your water heater can help you determine when a replacement might be necessary.
  • Hot Water Supply- A faster drop in temperature of the water heater supply can be a great indicator that you could have a problem. Specifically, the heating element may be broken or failing. However, if the temperature is down quickly, it is because of your tank that’s corroded, and you will likely need someone professional to help you replace it.
  • Water Heater Too Noisy?- If you hear banging noises coming from your water heater, you likely have some sediment build-up, and that means you may need a new replacement for that.
  • Leakage On Your Water Heater- As per any other plumbing fixtures in your household, the leakage is the most common indicator that you must have a new water heater replacement. If you see any dripping, moisture accumulation, or standing water near your water heater, it would be necessary that you should contact an expert plumber as soon as possible.

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