Differences Between Copper Pipes and Polyethylene Pipes

Copper Pipes and Polyethylene Pipes

Are you searching for strong types of pipes for your home plumbing system? You need to make sure you go with credible and high-quality material. A lot of people before have seen copper pipes as the best option for home plumbing systems. Through the past few years, copper pipes have been much to the side and just a bit by cross-linked polyethylene pipes, which are also called or known as PEX pipes. Even though the copper pipe is still a popular option in various new construction projects, polyethylene pipes (PEX) is suddenly becoming a popular choice for renovation and remodeling projects. Both copper and polyethylene pipes have several advantages and disadvantages. So, it is necessary to keep a few key points in mind.

1) Copper is more long-lasting than PEX pipes

  • Copper pipes can last at least 60 years, while the average lifespan of PEX pipes is mid 30 to 50 years only.
  • Copper pipes are more durable and stay longer than PEX pipes.
  • Water with high levels of chlorine can also decrease the lifespan of the PEX pipes.
  • Too much hot water (more than 180 degrees Fahrenheit) that you’ve used can decrease the lifespan of PEX pipes.
  • Acidic water can be the reason for the early losses to your copper pipes.

2) PEX Pipes Are More Affordable Than Copper Pipes

  • Polyethylene (PEX) pipes are more affordable and easy to install than copper pipes.
  • The price of copper has increased because of its rising value as a recyclable material.
  • The sources of copper are becoming so difficult to find nowadays.

These modern days, copper pipes are 60% more expensive than polyethylene pipes (PEX pipes).

3) PEX Pipes Requires Fewer Connections

  • Polyethylene pipes are going to be simpler to install because they only need fewer connections than copper pipes.
  • We know that copper pipe is a rigid metal, and it needs to be cut to exact specifications and have elbow fittings connected every time it goes around a curve or any corners.
  • PEX pipes bend easily around any curves and corners, meaning that additional connections are not necessary.
  • PEX pipes are less likely to leak. Fewer connections make the PEX pipes more efficient and long-lasting.

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