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Velvet plumbing offers our services in so many regions in the country. If you reside in San Francisco, you are included in our scope of services. Velvet Plumbing renders reputable and quality plumbing services to the residents of San Francisco. We ensure that we hire the most qualified and experienced plumbers in San Francisco to help you with your plumbing problems. 

Imagine you wake up in the morning to a flooded house? Or your monthly bills come and is not what you expect? This is most times as a result of ignoring the little things.  If you don’t fix the little problems on time, they can become bigger problems. Velvet plumbing is here to help you fix these little problems on time and also fix your emergency plumbing issues when necessary.

Here at our company, customer’s satisfaction is very important and we ensure that all our customers have a smile on their face after a job well done.

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Fast and Satisfying Plumbing Services in San Francisco

Plumbing is important for your house. Its smooth functioning will give you peace of mind. That’s why proper care of your plumbing system is necessary. However, no matter how mindful you are with your plumbing, the problem of clogged drains or leaking faucets may pop up without giving you any signal.

When you encounter plumbing problems, quick response is the key that will ensure their speedy resolution. But, some people delay in calling plumbers even when they notice small plumbing issues. If you are one of them, it’s time to get rid of this habit! Delay can make your problem bigger and more costlier to solve.

We are here to help you 24/7 with all your plumbing needs. Our team of expert plumbers is competent and experienced enough to handle any size project that comes our way. Whether it’s a small or huge problem, we deliver fast and satisfying services to all our clients.

We will help you ease the pain and save your time and money by:

  • Fixing your plumbing problem faster than any other company in San Francisco. We promise!
  • Providing 24/7 emergency service, 365 days a year for all residential, commercial & industrial plumbing issues.
  • Guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction by providing only the highest quality services.
  • Offering flexible payment options. We also offer financing plans to our clients if needed.

Staffed with licensed and certified plumbers who are always on standby, ready to assist you and fix your problems fast and efficiently. So why wait for too long? Get in touch with us today and experience the Velvet Plumbing difference.

Check Our Offered Services!

Viking Plumbing is known for its exceptional services in San Francisco. We offer a wide range of plumbing services, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Clogged Drains Repair
  • Gas Pipe Repair
  • Leaky Tubs & Toilets Repair
  • Water Heater Installation/Repair
  • Sink & Faucet Installation & Repair
  • Tub & Shower Installation/Repair
  • Leak Detection & Repair
  • Rooter Services
  • Toilet Leaking Repair
  • Water Line Repair & Replacement
  • Sewer Cleaning Services
  • 24-Hour Emergency Plumbing Service
  • And many more!

So when you need any of those services stated above, you may reach out to our team at Velvet Plumbing at any time of the day.

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Whether your plumbing issue in San Francisco requires a quick fix or a long-term solution, you can count on our team to help you. Our passion for excellence drives us to work harder and smarter each day, ensuring that the best possible job is delivered quickly and precisely. We are available round the clock, all through the year, to respond to your emergency needs!

We want you to know that our team at Velvet Plumbing is a trusted resource for all of your needs. Our priority is to resolve your plumbing problems with utmost comfort and protection. We offer timely service 24/7, 365 days a year to all of our clients across San Francisco. So what are you waiting for? Call our customer services team at Velvet Plumbing today for any emergency!

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We are lucky to have found a plumbing company that we can trust with our plumbing needs and emergencies. We have relied on Velvet Plumbing exclusively since we moved here in the community. We are always amazed and satisfied with their knowledge, professionalism, and positive attitude. As well as their booking system is fast and easy, too. Their plumbers always arrive on time, did a thorough and precise repair, and cleaned up the entire working space before leaving. We have never been so pleased and content. Everything to do with Velvet Plumbing was a pleasure. I will recommend them to anyone and call them again whenever needed. Thanks, Velvet Plumbing!


IMPRESSIVE! The service I had from Velvet Plumbing two days ago was memorable. It was their plumber who managed to handle my sewer service needs and was able to finish the job at the most convenient time. The performance he showed was fantastic, and I’m impressed because he did it in a very professional way. I could not ask for more about it because I was satisfied, and I enjoyed everything that he did to my sewer. A masterful performance, indeed! Thank you so much, everyone!


You deserve to be known by many, guys! Last Monday, I couldn’t stop worrying about my broken pipes. Thankfully, my sister told me about your reliable and affordable plumbing services. I was so amazed when your plumber came and brought the tools he needed for the service. I like the plumber much because he was so friendly, professional, and fast in working on the given project. I can say that you trained him to become more competent in the working field. Five stars to all of you! You expect me to introduce your plumbing services to all of my friends and colleagues. Thank you so much!

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